Wednesday, 28 August 2013

HUD and other stuff

Another update coming through, this has the following changes:

- Tweaked the bored values, halved the bored value when they get on the ride
- Modified the queue system slightly, they now get on in the order they got in the queue (Which is obvious! doh!)
  (Before it used the render list!)
- Textured the spinner ride
- Textured spinning teacups
- Started on Static Batcher Script (Let's see if that makes any difference, but got to figure out if I can get the tri's for individual materials from the meshes)
- Modified HUD layout and gfx
- Added the ability to delete Rides and Shops
- Added more assets
  • Large Pirate Wall
  • Large Pirate Gate
  • Telephone Booth

- Cody tidy up
- Added bored state in (This only gets updated when queuing for rides and shops, it gets reset when they have stopping queuing)
- Added ability to add Halo component when importing prefabs (But again unity has issues, we cannot modify them via script!)
- Fixed date and time, so it counts through the days and months correctly

And as usual here is another screen shot

Monday, 26 August 2013

More Shops and Bug Fixes


- I have now put food shops in so when they get hungry they can find there way there.
- Icons in the speech bubbles telling the player what they require (Just hungry and thirsty for the moment)
- A few more assets

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

- When loading the level it was not working the bounds out properly on some rare cases
- Changed loading so when it finds the object on load it fails out the loop rather than keep going
- General code tidy up

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Another quick update, this one has a few more assets.

Bugs fixed
- Scenery deleting issues (Reading the wrong object tag)
- Bounding creation issues (Rewrote how I produce them now)

- Added saving and loading of camera position
- Started to add the speech bubbles on to the characters as the screen shot shows.
- Changed the HUD (Hopefully made it look better)
- Fixed and optimized certain bits of code
- Added extra #def for certain bits of code on "webplayer / mobile / standalone"

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Here comes another update

Updates for this build are:

- Night / Day light fading, it changes depending on the time of day (Looks pretty at night time with lights still lit up)
- Various bug fixes
- I've also started to work on the Load / Save while using it within the web browser (You have to press 'L') to load the level that I have created.

I have also created a WebPlayer build and this can be found here

Here is another screenshot at night time.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Another quick update, I have now got my great English pass time working, queuing :)

The characters will queue for rides and shops, when 1 character moves from the front then the next will move in (All I do is check the next node that I'm going into and if there is a character there going to the same place and is also queuing then wait, keep checking until the next node is empty, then continue walking)

Basically the characters are one big state machine.

Now the queues are done I've got them going on and off the rides :)

Problems at the moment are that if there are lots of people in the queue it just grabs them in the character render order.  Also they are not rotated properly on the ride, hopefully I can fix that in the FBX file rather than code.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Quick Update and Screenshot

Nothing really to report here, it's mainly bug fixes and a few assets.  But thought I would share with you any way.

here's another screen shot, this one has some more assets and you can also see somebody standing in the queue ready.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Quick update

No new screenshot today, but a quick update just to keep you updated.  Various things have been done, they are listed below.

1, Changed how the objects are placed in the scene.  Before I used to use the bounds of the object, now I have what I call the footprint of the object, this allows me to have tiles that are not joined together (e.g. Arches, etc...)

2, Fixed broken code (You could'nt delete scenery that had been placed in the scene, with the above change It makes it easier to delete things now)

3, Code tidy ups and bug fixes

Sunday, 18 August 2013

We are in a flow now!

Another quick update, this one has updates to the following:

- Characters now have emotions (or what I call emotions), they get thirsty and hungry, etc...
- Shops now work so when they get thirsty they will try and find a drinks shop
- Optimizations in the character calculations (They only do a full update every other process other wise they just move in the calculated direction)
- Various bug fixes and code tidy ups

And here is another screen.

Friday, 16 August 2013

wow, another one!

I have another screenshot for you, this one shows a bit more scenery and people walking about.

Skip over this bit if you want, it's just a short rant....

I have had to get round some of Unity's issues (Why car'nt you batch meshes that have different scales!!), but got round it anyway.  I have also got round the batch issue when you want to change the UV's on a mesh but keep the same texture.

All this so you can change the textures on each character, so their faces and cloths can be different.

Take deep breath now...  rant over....

Anyway here it is :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2 Posts in 1 Day!!!

As the title states here is another post on the same day.

This post is about a project that I'm currently working on now in unity, it's a sandbox creation game.

(Some of the ui work images have been taken off the web while I piece it together)

I've got the placing of the landscape pieces, including rotating.  Assets can easily be added into the game from an XML file, you just place in the write section (Shops, Rides, Scenary, etc...)

I've also got characters walking around on the paths now, so hopefully soon we will get another screenshot with them in.

This all works on mobile devices as well (You can pan around the level, pinch/zoom and rotate with gestures, all code so far was written by me with no assets from the assets store, yet!)

As stated above, here are the characters walking about!

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I updated this blog, because I've now got some spare time on my hands because my time at Sega has come to an end :(  the studio is now closed.

So time to move on.

I should now update this on a regular basis (hopefully), with projects that I may work on in my spare time.
I've started to mess around in Unity3D rather then keeping my own engine going, easy prototyping (I may have said I did'nt like it before!), but now I've got my head round all the bits and pieces, it's pretty good at what it does.

Off on a tangent here, I have added some links to a friends project it's on iOS and Android.  Let us know what you think :)