Monday, 7 October 2013


As I said on my previous post I would have more stuff to show you, well here it is.
But before the nice pictures I will list what has been updated / modified or added.

- Add the ability to delete the last piece of track as well as deleting all of the track while building the coaster
- Added ability to load/save roller coaster tracks
- Added ability to click on any part of the coaster to bring item panel up
- VFX has been added into objects (You have to put a point in the FBX file so it can be found)
  (example: PSystem_TourchFlames, would use the TouchFlames particle system that is within the library)
- Fix, if park closed then do not allow anybody in
- There are various coaster bits that can be used from curves, hills, chains and brakes.

Well here are the images showing the coaster and VFX additions.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Don't worry hav'nt forgotten, I'm still working on the coaster stuff and getting it to work nice.

I also have other bits done as well, but I will do a big update here once I'm happy with it.