Monday, 11 November 2013

Parse Integration

Hey I'm still here,

I've now got Facebook playing nice with my apps, I can get and save user data. And various other bits of information.

Still haven't looked at Payments and Achievements but I will when I need to.

I've started to look at the Parse SDK ( now, so I can save data to a database and bring it back within the app.

So far I've got it logging in and adding things to the database, I've got multiple users adding records into the table and the records being updated as you are playing the game.  This is usefull if you want to store level specific scores and data.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Facebook Integration

Hey, I hav'nt forgotten about this project, it's just I've got side tracked doing Facebook integration in Unity3D (Saves me buying the plugins)

I've been using the Facebook SDK which can be downloaded directly from Facebook developer website (It's free) and I've started to integrate into my projects.  So far I've got the following working:

- Initializing Facebook
- Logging In
- Getting the Facebook profile pictures so they can be displayed where I want them
- Sending Messages (This includes invites and gifts)
- Scores (posting and receiving)

Achievements I'm putting on hold for the moment, or until I need them.