Sunday, 30 March 2014


I have been writing an application for Tin Planet in the background for a while now, it's called alpaqa because it is supposed to take the workload from the artists and developers.  At the moment it is still in an evaluation stage, but hopefully we will get a download up soon.

It has been used in various products now to help speed up the process of processing the graphics.

Below is a list of the main things that it is capable of doing (This is just a small list of what is possible)

- Stripping PSD layers out into a folder structure (just by dragging a PSD in and pressing a button, PSD has to have the layer effects flattened for it to work)
- Building contact / sprite / atlas sheets from a folder or PSD file (it can produce multiple sheets not just one)
   . rotation of sprites for best fit
   . creation out data file in XML, JSON or CSS (or all of them)
- Bitmap font creation from system fonts or a folder
- Image conversion single or folder including subfolders (convert from type to type and also various image manipulation)
- Ability to run from settings file so you can use in a build system.

Here is the splash screen to keep you interested :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

RNG - Random Number Generator

Hey, just for the hell of it I wrote a new mobile app, took me all of 2-3 days including doing all the graphics.
It's just a simple random number generator, it picks numbers either from 0-49 or 0-99, great for picking lottery or bingo numbers.

Android Link

Here are some screen shots:

Monday, 24 March 2014

Management Update

As discussed previously I have started on the management style classes that could be plugged into the 'ThrillWorld" game.

All game items are done via the XML file, it states if they can have tasks and links to other things. i.e. You create the employee and a shop, then you click on the button (one with a plus followed by a person) and it links the employee to the shop so the shop can open.  Or you can give the employee tasks todo, i.e. go mow the grass, go fix things.

Below is a screen shot of it working, landscape and background is now all in 2D while I get the classes working.  These are not the final graphics, the graphics are just so I can get it working and somebody else can use it.

Monday, 17 March 2014


I've started to put the classes together for the management side of things in games, so yes they could be put into the Roller Coaster Tycoon game I'm slowly working on.

So far I have Assets you can buy and tasks you can assign to them, so a shop you could a assign a person to work in the shop and they would has a task to serve customers if they stopped at the entrance to the shop.

Each Asset has a cost and it has levels so yes you could actually level up your shops if you wanted so they could sell more things if they leveled up (but this is going away from the tycoon style games and is more an RTS)

If you had mechanics you could assign a task to fix things, entertainers would have tasks to mingle around customers.

So yes The Tycoon game is still being worked on in the background.

And as for Facebook that is up and working in my other games as a separate class so again if I wanted to I could implement that into this game.

Anyway thought I would post this... :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

HTML5 / Javascript

On top of everything else I've been teaching my self HTML5 and Javascript programming.  It's coming along nicely.

I have got so far, graphics / animations for the sprites and audio all working.  Not that much different to C# just got to learn the little differences.

Sorry got know screenshots, just my tinkering.

Still Alive

Yes I am still here.... :)

Just thought I would post again just to let you know what I've been up to.  To start with I released a quick game on Android / Facebook and just for the hell of it I added the Kongregate API stuff in to.

Facebook (Facebook and android will allow you to play against your friends)

Android you will have to search the AppStore for, sorry :(

Kongregate (this version will allow you to play against everybody else)

Here are some screenshots: