Sunday, 26 September 2010

More Turrets

I have added lots of new features into the TowerDefence game, there are 3 different types of turrets now. Everyting has been moved into tables (just makes adding anything easier), projectiles and damage have been added, path finding has been modified so the vehicles will modify there path if it has been blocked. So as you can tell lots of things have been going on.

You can now destroy the vehicles that go round the course.

Lots of litle bugs and features added in the game and framework.

Just got to finish this project now!

YouTube video of  latest (Quality not that good)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Other Work

As I said in my title above I have other bits of programming that I'm messing around with, below are a few links of the Tower Defence game and also some other videos of projects I've been working on.

[ YouTube Videos ]
Tower Defence
Gamemaker Drag And Drop
Gamemaker Reels

I may get some screenshots of other bits of projects just to see what people think.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A bit further with paths

Here is a bit more of the path finding, I've used navgraph for the moment, I know I could have A* but in the future if it goes 3D it will make it easier to do.

I've got the tanks appearing and moving around the map.   The red circles are the danger zones (not used yet!)  more guns are concentrated in that area, so the vehicles will try and find a way round.

I've now got a font system roughly working in the framework aswell, so happy days so far.   I'm going to use the navgraph style pathfinding for the other game aswell just makes it easier.