Saturday, 26 February 2011


I have modified the page slightly so you can see various movies I have created within my framework (No android or iPhone yet! just windows).  It shows of the gamemaker and GUI stuff as well as various shaders.

I have also joined the 21st century by getting a twitter account.

My other big thing today is that I have fixed the crash in the android app "Alphabetical" and released a full version for a massive 59p.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Finally a Released Product!!

I have finally released a product these are a few screenshots of it (Graphics and programming by me).

This was released onto the Android market today.

It is a simple program that teaches children how to write there letters and numbers using left and right hands.

The program is split up into 4 sections (Mini-Games), the first is a practice of Captials, Lowercase and numbers.  There are stages of difficulty (This just changes the length of the arrow that show where to draw).  The second stage is a grid showing the alphabet all mixed up and you have to work your way through it starting at A and finishin at Z.  The third stage is the same as above but with numbers.  And the fourth stage is a pairs game.

Let's see how it go's, I have only uploaded the free version which has various bits removed just to see how it goes.

If it goes ok, I may get an iPhone subscription and create an iPhone version.


I have now attached the link below to the exact place in the Android Market.

Alphabetical - Android Market