Monday, 6 July 2020

On a Roll!

Wow another release this year, must have had my weet-a-bix!

Anyone here is my latest release, this one is for all those Lotto, Tombola fans.  It's called Tombola Enhanced, it has realtime 3D physics on the balls, It also calls the balls numbers out, and another thing I kept being asked for is the ability to auto draw the balls, once it has drawn the balls it calls them all out in ascending order.

Why not give it a go, the links are below.



  1. There is a problem wi5 the randomization. If I use the customization option and use a second set of balls with a max ball value or 2, I never see the number 2 ball appear. Only the number 1 ball appears.

  2. ok, thank you for you comment I will look into this.