Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Framework updates

While the games are being produced I also update the backend framework.  I have listed below what it is easily capable off now, so much so I have given the framework to a designer and they have created a few games with it with minimal programming.

- Easy Sprite and UI components with messaging system within the component, so you can drag a component over and select what function that it needs to call if it is clicked.
- Full sprite / UI transition effects ( i.e. fade, movement, etc.. ) using graphics.  Again with full messaging systems when the transition is complete.
- Admob, Chartboost and UnityAds integration  ( this is so it's covered for Banner, Fullscreen and Video ads )
- Facebook Login integration
- Heroic Labs Integration for database and storage backend
- My own achievements and leaderboard components that use the heroic Labs backend ( I did it this way so they look the same across all devices, and I can change the graphics and theme them to each game )
- Local and Push notifications across Android and iOS
- Various specific components
  . ClickManagers
  . Fruitmachine / Pokie systems
  . and many more... ( just ask to see if I have created something already )

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