Sunday, 1 September 2013

update time

Another update ready for anyone to comment on.  I've had a few comments from other people and I've incorporated some of the changes.  Hope you like it.

The Web Player version is updated most days, so please come back and check :)

- Added code for pirate ship (and you can place in the game)
- Added code for chairswing (and you can place in the game)
- various HUD gfx tidy ups
- Changed textboxes to use unity UI labels (and code tidy up)
- Added speedup button on the top meter
- Added ability to modify the ride specs in the item selection panel
- Added ability to close / open shops and made that section of code better which included starting/stopping rides (characters do not wait for it to stop before walking away)
- Overhauled the HUD
- Still working on the Static Batcher (I have found out how to get the tri's per submesh now, just got to sort the rest)
- Rejigged bits of code
- Changed how much we fade at night time (instead of 0.25 we now fade to 0.35)
- We now start at 9.00 O'clock in the morning instead of 0.00, this makes it better and brighter on start
- Modified camera background colour to match the grass colour as it fades

All feedback welcome

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