Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ride Settings and other bits

Hi, here is another quick update.  I have not supplied images recently because nothing has changed on that front.  I've started to put the user content pipeline in, so user can add there own graphics.

This one has the following updates and changes.

- Added ability to open up data specific variables within each object (i.e. pirate ship has max angle), this then gets shown in the dialog that gets shown when you double click on item.
- Added ability to load external paths and landscape graphics in (It checks on start to see if the folder exists if not it creates one, it also checks for the correct XML data files).  If everything is correct it loads the graphics in and allows you to draw with them (All textures for the moment have to be 128x128, but it can be PNG or JPG, plus it only works on standalone or webplayer run locally)
- Fixed VBO issue, was not deleting the mesh from the landscape when you edited it

Also Webplayer has been updated to correspond with these changes.

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