Thursday, 5 September 2013

Don't Worry Not Forgotten!

I haven't forgotten this blog :)

I've been busy trying to rewrite the 2D / HUD stuff, so we create a mesh in an orthographic view.  This is so it will be batched like everything else and speed up the rendering.  So far it's going ok but needed to write various other bit's so things can be put in and taken out of lists.

But on top of this I've done the following updates:

- Added a UIQuadBatcher system component, this now stores all the information that was been generated by my 2D System and converts it to a 3D mesh so it will be batched. ( We have gained some FPS by doing this, it also gives me the option of turning it on/off so I have the best of both, and because it tied into my 2D system it still does all the key frame animations that I had previously )
- Tweaked the character states bases (Hunger, thirsty, bored, etc...)
- Fixed crash when getting 3rd icon in speech bubble
- Rides and Characters now use the game speed for animation as well
- Characters now start coming into the park on there own
- Updated the bored state, so if they are left wandering round the park they start to get bored and now they will leave the park
- rewrote how the characters move round the park, when we calculate the path we just copy it into a table and move along a spline.
- Various code tidy ups and bug fixes
- added logs into the log window, when you purchase a piece of scenery / shop or ride
- converted my atlas reading class to a proper unity component ( you now drag the files in you want parsing at the beginning )
  ( My atlas generation is performed on another application that I have written call alpaqa, it builds multiple sheets and even builds sheets from PSD files )

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