Sunday, 29 September 2013



It's been a week or 2 since my last post.  I am still working on it, below there is a list of things that have been done.

- Working on Coaster (Adding bits and gfx / models)
- Code tidy up and minor code fixes
- Fixed double sided shader (Changed it to cutout rather than alpha blending)
- Animated water added (This actually gives us the ability to animate uv's depending on material)
- Fixed bug (when characters want to leave the park and there is no way to get to the entrance they would just dissappear)
- Added ability to read objects in but not add to UI list
- Added ability for the characters to throw rubbish on the floor after eating
- Updated rounded paths, made them work across boundaries
- Gate system (Loading and Saving), also it destroys the gate if the underlying path is deleted.
- Modified time and characters types that enter the park at certain times
- Added the ability for characters to carry things from the merchandise shop, i.e. balloons
- Merchandise Shops

And here is a screenshot that shows the curved paths and a bit of roller coaster

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