Monday, 26 February 2018

Still Alive ( Again! )

Hi everyone, I'm still around dabbling with games.  My latest release is called AddUp!  It's another simple puzzler ( getting rave reviews ) which is always good.  Give it a try see what you think, you can always leave feedback below.



Anyway, If anyone is interested I'm on the market for freelancing / remote work in Unity3D so why not give us a shout.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Aswell as finishing the games and updating the framework I also sketch out future ideas.  before I started the Theme park games which are still there and I still go back and iterate over them with the latest tech and code I have.

The latest version I decided to change slightly and convert to a clicker style, so below are 2 ideas for clicker style games.

The first screenshot shows a rough UI layout and the ride in the middle, the rides are full 3D models that are animated.

The second screen shot shows another click style game this one is based around 'Fire and Rescue' it has various sections within the game, and uses a lot of the new features of the framework.


More game ideas, this one was a more colorful and animated version of GridBrix called Blocked Up!

Framework updates

While the games are being produced I also update the backend framework.  I have listed below what it is easily capable off now, so much so I have given the framework to a designer and they have created a few games with it with minimal programming.

- Easy Sprite and UI components with messaging system within the component, so you can drag a component over and select what function that it needs to call if it is clicked.
- Full sprite / UI transition effects ( i.e. fade, movement, etc.. ) using graphics.  Again with full messaging systems when the transition is complete.
- Admob, Chartboost and UnityAds integration  ( this is so it's covered for Banner, Fullscreen and Video ads )
- Facebook Login integration
- Heroic Labs Integration for database and storage backend
- My own achievements and leaderboard components that use the heroic Labs backend ( I did it this way so they look the same across all devices, and I can change the graphics and theme them to each game )
- Local and Push notifications across Android and iOS
- Various specific components
  . ClickManagers
  . Fruitmachine / Pokie systems
  . and many more... ( just ask to see if I have created something already )

Even more Game and Utilities

If you like card games then I also created a set of solitaire games, the latest has Facebook integration and leaderboards.

The screen shot below on the left shows the latest version of Solitaire, it also uses my Achievements and Leaderboard components.  The image on the right show's Solitaire Squares and unique game design using solitaire and 2048, you basically have to build the stacks of cards as you would in solitaire but in this case you slide the tiles on to each other.


Solitaire Squares


I have also released a couple of utilities, the main one being the Random Number generator.
It's nice and simple.  It can be used for Lottery, Keno and basically anything you want a random number sequence from 1-99.


More Updates

It's been a while and lots of things have happened but here are a few updates to show what I've been up to.

I'll start with the older projects and work my way forward, here is the latest GridBrix with facebook integration and map.

I added more rules and stages, so you had to complete the stages before the next one got unlocked.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Yet again it's been a while!

I know, I know, It's been a while.  But I have lots of screenshots to show you now.  From simple apps, to big projects that I'm working on.

But I've been doing a lot of stuff in Unity3D at the moment, and writing a new set of components that speed up prototyping, and game creation.  You can now create the entire flow of the game with transitions and screens and animations with no code, so that helps designers out a lot more.

Alpaqa the atlas sheet software I wrote is now better integrated within my projects, just a few clicks with Unity and you can build and update sheets (including multiple alpaqa projects)

All the games work across mobile devices as well as PC.

That's enough rambling for the moment and I'll just start showing you the new screenshots starting with Thrillworld (Themepark) screenshots first see what you think.


GridBrix HD

New version of GridBrix, this has boosters and a complete UI overhaul.  You also have the ability to change the grid size.

Meteor Mayhem

Simple clicker game, just tilt the device to control the ship and click the asteroids to break them up.  All you have to do us clear levels.

Word for Word

Simple word game, just build words from the grid of letters you have.  Try to create as many as you can before the time runs out.

Simple Slots

Simply slots is a simple fruit machine game, I created a set of components for Unity to help make and quickly turn out slots machines.  It can easily be added to with new features as well, but just overriding the components with new game features, winladders, etc...

Spindle (WIP)

Yet to be finished, but it's essentially a match 3 game that you have to turn the board rather than trying to match them up in a grid.

Crafting and Building Games and Apps

This is just a few screen shots of games and apps that I have done that enable you to build objects within the 3D environment.

I do have a few more little projects that I've done, but I thought these where the best of the bunch so far.  I also have a few designs in picture format, but again thought I would leave them off this post.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

I'm Alive - Update!

Yes I'm still here, just been working away.  But thought I would share my latest creation with you, it's a nice little simple puzzler.  All you have to do is place the shapes in the grid.  

See how long you can last, it has local and world leaderboards for all the gamemodes, so see if you can become the best!

I have released on both stores, give it a go see what you think.

GooglePlay Store:

iOS App Store