Wednesday, 28 August 2013

HUD and other stuff

Another update coming through, this has the following changes:

- Tweaked the bored values, halved the bored value when they get on the ride
- Modified the queue system slightly, they now get on in the order they got in the queue (Which is obvious! doh!)
  (Before it used the render list!)
- Textured the spinner ride
- Textured spinning teacups
- Started on Static Batcher Script (Let's see if that makes any difference, but got to figure out if I can get the tri's for individual materials from the meshes)
- Modified HUD layout and gfx
- Added the ability to delete Rides and Shops
- Added more assets
  • Large Pirate Wall
  • Large Pirate Gate
  • Telephone Booth

- Cody tidy up
- Added bored state in (This only gets updated when queuing for rides and shops, it gets reset when they have stopping queuing)
- Added ability to add Halo component when importing prefabs (But again unity has issues, we cannot modify them via script!)
- Fixed date and time, so it counts through the days and months correctly

And as usual here is another screen shot


  1. How often do you think you will publish unity web player updates?

    1. I do updates most days, I did an update on the 1st of September. Just havn't updated my blog yet :(