Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2 Posts in 1 Day!!!

As the title states here is another post on the same day.

This post is about a project that I'm currently working on now in unity, it's a sandbox creation game.

(Some of the ui work images have been taken off the web while I piece it together)

I've got the placing of the landscape pieces, including rotating.  Assets can easily be added into the game from an XML file, you just place in the write section (Shops, Rides, Scenary, etc...)

I've also got characters walking around on the paths now, so hopefully soon we will get another screenshot with them in.

This all works on mobile devices as well (You can pan around the level, pinch/zoom and rotate with gestures, all code so far was written by me with no assets from the assets store, yet!)

As stated above, here are the characters walking about!

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