Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The trials of Facebook Integration

This is more of a moan than a tech update ( not that I'm know for moaning :) )

I had updated my facebook SDK as you are supposed todo, and guess what, IT dos'nt work with android!  I spent a day going back and forth until I figured it all out that anything above 5.0.3 just does not like logging on using an Android device, gahh...  all todo with the hash key codes.  And also the Facebook code from there SDK does not work properly!

Anyway on a better note, I've re-written a big section of the 2D code in my framework so it works better on low-end devices and allows batching of scalable and alpha meshes using vertex colouring, so I'm happier now.

I might have some more game screenshots soon of a project that will hopefully be released soon :)

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