Sunday, 30 March 2014


I have been writing an application for Tin Planet in the background for a while now, it's called alpaqa because it is supposed to take the workload from the artists and developers.  At the moment it is still in an evaluation stage, but hopefully we will get a download up soon.

It has been used in various products now to help speed up the process of processing the graphics.

Below is a list of the main things that it is capable of doing (This is just a small list of what is possible)

- Stripping PSD layers out into a folder structure (just by dragging a PSD in and pressing a button, PSD has to have the layer effects flattened for it to work)
- Building contact / sprite / atlas sheets from a folder or PSD file (it can produce multiple sheets not just one)
   . rotation of sprites for best fit
   . creation out data file in XML, JSON or CSS (or all of them)
- Bitmap font creation from system fonts or a folder
- Image conversion single or folder including subfolders (convert from type to type and also various image manipulation)
- Ability to run from settings file so you can use in a build system.

Here is the splash screen to keep you interested :)

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