Monday, 11 November 2013

Parse Integration

Hey I'm still here,

I've now got Facebook playing nice with my apps, I can get and save user data. And various other bits of information.

Still haven't looked at Payments and Achievements but I will when I need to.

I've started to look at the Parse SDK ( now, so I can save data to a database and bring it back within the app.

So far I've got it logging in and adding things to the database, I've got multiple users adding records into the table and the records being updated as you are playing the game.  This is usefull if you want to store level specific scores and data.


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  2. Yay for the remove tool on the rollercoaster track! It's really playing like a game now with the customers using machines, buying stuff & queuing. The build your own coaster stuff is really cool.

    When is FB sharing up?

    What follows is my questions/thoughts/suggestions, feel free to file these in the green topped bin though.

    - A simple mechanic that would make the game feel more complete, is if there was more financial strain. I know you probably are into populating the game with content at the moment rather than adding these sorts of mechanics in but it'd be cool to have to pay for land, taxes, park licenses, maintenance of rides etc.

    - It'd be great to be have hover over help / tool tips. I didn't easily find the delete tile/track button and couldn't always identify coaster track. Costs and other stuff might be handy too.

    - Can we please have a line tool when laying paths? Maybe like... hold shift and the path tool will only draw in one direction. This will help my park not look overly messy :D Maybe even a rectangle tool later to draw big areas of paths.

    - It might be a bit silly but when I was trying to modify my coaster for the second time (after closing the first build menu), I kept double clicking on the entry/exit booths expecting it to come up with the modify menu. Do you think it makes sense if it does?

    - What does the dollar sign mean? That the customers have money?

    - Is it possible to make a setting that turns the 'thought' bubbles transparent or makes their 'thoughts' smaller because I can't see a lot of what my customers need because their thought bubbles overlap especially near rides.

    - It was hard to know how close I am supposed to build the paths to the machines so that they'd work.

    - Can movement speed of ADWS be speed up a little? :D

    - Visitors will purchase drinks/food etc, but do they actually pay any money for using the rides? (I've set a price).

    - What's the roadmap like for messages/jobs? Or handy men to clean up those dirty visitors?

    - Is there a max angle for the car? I think i'm scaring the people on that ride :P

    1. Thanks for this, it means somebody does actually like my game :)

      At the moment it is on hold while I try and get other projects out of the way. But will get back to it soon.

      As for your comments they are all valid and some of them where going in, like the cost of things and business side of the game.

      But I will try and answer some of your ideas and comments below.

      - The dollar sign means they want to spend some money, at the moment that means a balloon shop (That's all I've drawn at the moment)

      - I can look at getting a settings panel in that will allow you to configure the thought bubble, size and transparency. And also the movement speed using the ADWS keys, that should then cover everybody.

      - The visitors should actually spend money on drinks and food, if they are not then there is a bug and I will have to look at that :(

      - I don't really have roadmap as such because it was something I was doing in my spare time.

      - FB sharing I have got working just not put into this project yet ( I know excuses :( )